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RSPCA  Back off Badgers - Help prevent a badger cull in England
Dear Supporter,

This is our last chance to tell the government to BACK OFF BADGERS!

We are expecting the government to make an announcement on whether to cull badgers in England as part of a package of measures to control bovine TB in cattle.

Although the Welsh government recently announced that they are postponing the cull of badgers until they have reviewed the evidence, we are led to believe that the English government will not follow their example. This really is our last chance to save our badgers.

The government plans, which could mean the eradication of 70 per cent of the badger population in large parts of the country, involve farmers and landowners being licensed to carry out and fund the cull themselves through a variety of methods including free-shooting.

We are firmly opposed to such a cull and have long battled against various proposals put forward, and previously dismissed, by different governments. We think these plans are unlikely to work and could have severe welfare implications, and that licensing farmers and/or landowners as suggested could be inhumane and near impossible to monitor.

Last year the public supported our Back off Badgers campaign, where we had an overwhelming response recording almost 40,000 objections to the Government’s controversial plans for a badger cull in England. Once again it appears the governments are ignoring public views.

Now we are asking the public to go straight to the top and tell the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP that this is unacceptable and it’s time he listened to what the public in England wants.
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